Sunday, January 31, 2010


Due to weather and time constraints this project will be taking a short hiatus until I get some drier weather.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We'll get rolling soon

Still no camera, but I have aquired my third part time job! The shed will be totally empty by the end of next week, working around the rain schedule ... I would like to be in the shed by winter, and hope to use the days I'm snowed in to put up shelves and other such handy places to put stuff. Patience is a virtue they say, well I say that's a virtue I seem to be missing, oh well, have found a second hand door just have to go and get it either late next week or early the week after.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Clearing out the old, and in with the ... erm invisible furniture !

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning. Getting the shed cleared out before winter comes is my biggest goal at the moment. On the look out for a second hand exterior door and some windows. Recyling is the name of the game, I'm trying to keep the garbage pile as small as possible, finding new homes for old clothes, shelving, wood, misc sports equipment, and other items from my youth. This has opened my eyes to how much stuff my family and I are priveleged to have, it's incredible how much we have accumulated over the years !

I hope to start posting pictures soon, have to get my hands on a camera...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Overview of the Project

Off the Grid for the Kids

Proposal : I am setting out to live as much off the grid as possible using the resources that I have available to get me started, with the hope of becoming self reliant in the near future.

Why Bother : I want to use the money that I will have saved on rent, electricity, and other amenities, to donate to Unicef.

So : I'm hoping to raise awareness for the needs of children and teens around the world and instead of selfishly fulfilling only my needs and satisfactions, I want to bring happiness, education, peace, and safety to underprivaleged children not only in Africa and other poverty stricken countries, but also to those who may live just down the street.

I am starting off with a 13 foot by 12 foot shed, and running the electric from my mother's house, which I will use as efficiently as I can until I am able to install more renewable sources of electricity. We will be practicing a sort of community housing arrangment as I will be using their guest bathroom.

My Goals : Significantley lower my energy consumption, find alternative power sources, support local and international communities by buying fair trade produce and products, bring the needs of underprivaleged children around the world to people's attention.

I hope to inspire other youth to go against the grain of a self centred society and fight for their rights as well as the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.

This Blog : On this blog I will be documenting my project, and highlighting events, people, and places, that need support.